Colonus launches a one-stop platform for NFT

With the recent news about Facebook, Tencent, and other IT giants exploring non-fungible tokens, the upcoming year promises to be really boisterous for this segment of the blockchain industry. However, as the market is still in its nascent stage, participants sometimes find it really hard to buy, sell, and exchange their NFTs across different universes, be it a piece of art, a gaming item, or someone’s favorite NBA player’s dunk.

Colonus is the new blockchain project aiming to create a one-stop marketplace for NFTs combined with social features to facilitate communication processes and copyright protection for creators.

What sets Colonus apart

Although Colonus is not the first project to combine various aspects of the NFT market under the same roof, there are some features that make it stand out from its competitors.

First, the platform provides an entry point for social communication between creators and followers. Investors can easily reach out to NFT creators and discuss all the details before making a purchase directly with no third party being involved. At the same time, the underlying blockchain technology along with data encryption provides participants with privacy that they are deprived of on centralized alternatives.

Secondly, by removing intermediaries, Colonus gives NFT creators full control over their own content and ensures that their rights will never be abused. Users can decide themselves on how they will distribute their NFTs and at the same time enjoy a good source of passive income flowing directly to their wallets.

Finally, Colonus improves the security of uploaded materials by keeping all the data on a distributed ledger. Unlike centralized rivals that often fall victim to hacking attacks, this solution provides a much higher level of security. By leveraging the distributed file system protocol known as the IPFS (InterPlaneary File System), the platform can uniquely identify each file and provide users with access to the data’s original point.

A set of robust features

In order to achieve its goals, Colonus combines a whole set of powerful features, each of which caters to the needs of NFT investors.

To facilitate interaction with the platform, the team of the project strives to make the user interface user-friendly. Besides, creators can uniquely design their own galleries and represent their NFTs with the help of augmented and virtual reality. Finally, the platform is compatible with mobile devices which makes it possible to access your assets on the go.

On the platform, collectors can hire creators directly to obtain unique items of high rarity created specifically for their own needs. With Colonus, you can digitize your personal memories with the help of hand-picked artists.

The NFT Mystery Box is another tool that enables users to tokenize cherishable moments and share them with their beloved ones. Collections of unique flowers, balloons, animals, and other tokenized gifts come as a tasty bonus.

What’s more, there is an option of making a passive income via staking the native token CUS and obtaining a much higher APY compared to what centralized banks have to offer.

Copyright protection and authenticity

Despite the advantages provided by the blockchain, there have been numerous cases of counterfeit collections and stolen artworks being sold. Another issue that content creators face on NFT marketplaces is the lack of content authenticity as there is always a risk of third parties creating identical profiles. Being aware of these problems, Colonus brings forwards its own solution to both of them.

To stand against piracy and copyright infringement, every creator profile is authenticated with the help of a special digital signature. Thus, with artificial intelligence standing on guard of their rights, artists can be sure that no one will be able to steal their work.

At the same time, this signature will automatically protect artists from third parties trying to create duplicate accounts. Any new account of such kind will be automatically rejected by the system.

This is only a beginning

If all the features mentioned above still haven’t impressed you, check out the upcoming plans of Colonus. The boldest ideas that the team is going to bring to life in Q2-Q3 2022 include the release of the Launchpad, the creation of the CUS bridge to help users seamlessly transfer NFTs across different blockchains, Metaverse ecosystem, Celebrity NFT Drop, and much more.

The public presale of CUS coins is to be announced soon. Meanwhile, you may visit the Colonus website and get whitelisted.

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